At Ellis Whittam, we understand that taking time out for employee training is not always possible.

At Ellis Whittam, we understand that taking time out for employee training is not always possible. As an employer, you want to know that your staff are fully equipped to undertake their duties confidently and safely – and that your business is protected – without affecting productivity or spending a fortune.

Rethink your approach to training

At Ellis Whittam, we provide an extensive catalogue of HR and Health & Safety e-Learning courses that are engaging, cost-effective and designed to have a direct impact on your organisation.?

As a convenient and powerful alternative to classroom-based training, our online e-Learning courses are delivered via our e-Learning portal and incorporate videos and interactive testing for impactful and engaging employee training.

Importantly, unlike traditional approaches, our flexible e-Learning solution allows employees to complete assigned courses at any time and at any location. All they need is internet access. This way, training can be completed at a pace that suits each individual and with minimal disruption to their daily work role.

Everyone in your organisation, whether they work part-time, full-time or from home, can take advantage of web-based learning.


Why e-Learning makes smart business sense

Meaningful employee training, in any form, is instrumental in avoiding, mitigating and defending personal injury claims. Not only will it reduce the likelihood of issues arising out of ignorance and risk-taking, but by being able to demonstrate that you have provided relevant training, your organisation is better protected.

An innovative approach to staff development, e-Learning is a simple yet effective solution to employee training needs. As an entirely online system, some of the benefits of our e-Learning platform include:

  • Ease and simplicity. There’s no need for any special technology, training facilities or supervision, making training more accessible and easier to organise.
  • Putting employees in charge of their own development. Employees can complete courses at their own pace, in their own time, even at home. This makes training less of an inconvenience, encourages information retention, and promotes active and independent learning for increased employee engagement.
  • Keeping downtime to a minimum. The flexibility to undertake training anytime, anywhere, means that it’s no longer necessary to take whole groups of employees out of the workplace and no need for operations to come to a halt – keeping productivity levels high.
  • More choice. Licences allow for unlimited training in all modules for all employees, giving you access to a full range of relevant material, including courses you may have never thought about before.
  • Greater personalisation. With e-Learning, you can set your own pass score for each course to suit your requirements.
  • Easy monitoring. To allow you to monitor training progress, our e-Learning platforms allows you to see who has completed the training at a glance, as well as who has failed and needs to re-sit.
  • Training certificates for employees. When an employee has passed a module, they will receive a certificate for their files, which can be used as a record of their training. This is also an excellent, cost-effective way of demonstrating to your employees that you take their development and wellbeing seriously.

A growing range of courses

We have an expansive and ever-growing library of e-Learning training modules available, covering more than 60 topics. These are comprised of:

  • Health & Safety courses, including Accident Reporting (RIDDOR), COSHH, Display Screen Equipment (DSE), Manual Handling and Slips, Trips and Falls.
  • Compliance & Soft Skills courses, including Data Protection, Equality & Diversity, Leadership, Teamwork and Time Management.
  • Refresher training courses to continue to boost employees’ confidence, help them retain existing skills and knowledge, and increase abilities throughout the organisation.

We also offer a variety of specialist courses available upon special request. If you don’t see the course you’re looking for in our standard course library, speak to our e-Learning experts on 0345 226 8393.