Create great teams with a little help from the experts

No business is immune from difficult situations. No matter what sector you belong to or how many members of staff you employ, you will inevitably face employee-related issues that take time away from your key objectives.

When dealing with employee matters, it’s important to ensure you’re following best practice and acting within the confines of the law. With the number of Employment Tribunal claims continuing to rise, it’s more crucial than ever to adopt watertight HR procedures. Enlisting the support of a?HR company?for employers can help you to do just that.

In addition to protecting your business against risk,?outsourcing your HR?function will allow you to:

  • Prevent issues before they arise;
  • Increase productivity and performance;
  • Enhance employee engagement;
  • Improve retention; and
  • Save time and money.
"We have found the Employment Law and HR service from Ellis Whittam to be invaluable."

Managing Director, GMG Contractors

A trusted extension of your team

At Ellis Whittam, we’re committed to helping businesses thrive. As part of our unlimited, fixed-fee service, we work with thousands of organisations across UK to manage their HR responsibilities and create engaged, productive teams.

Whether you require day-to-day assistance or support through challenging times, we have a team of?HR specialists?ready to support your needs. We can help if:

  • You don’t employ an in-house HR team;
  • Your in-house team are stretched;
  • You’re looking for an extra layer of professional support; or
  • You’re dealing with a particularly complex issue.

Typically, when working with small employers, we support managers, directors and owners. For large employers, we offer valuable assistance to their specialist in-house HR team. This could be in the form of a?HR helpline?for your manager or a more complete extension to your team. Whatever your size, sector or situation, our personalised?HR advice?is tailored to your specific requirements and commercial objectives.

Your go-to source of responsive HR support

Ellis Whittam engage with a wide range of businesses in a practical way to resolve difficult situations, providing clear, pragmatic and timely advice on a whole range of employee matters, including:

  • Sickness absence;
  • Attendance;
  • Disciplinary;
  • Pay;
  • Flexible working;
  • Grievance;
  • Performance;
  • Misconduct;
  • Redundancy;
  • Maternity and paternity; and
  • Dismissal

Dealing with these issues can be lengthy, costly and disruptive. With Ellis Whittam, you can call upon your dedicated?HR expert?at any time, who will offer valuable guidance and reassurance when difficult situations arise – and work with you to achieve the best possible resolution.

Alongside 24/7 advisory support, our qualified Employment Law Team will draft letters and documents on your behalf, including drafting bespoke Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks to promote best practice across your organisation and keep you compliant.

More than just good advice

For added peace of mind, our?Legal Expenses Insurance?(LEI) for Employment Tribunals covers the cost of defence, settlements and awards in the event of an employee bringing a claim against you. Therefore, if you were to lose a discrimination claim, you could stand to save approximately £24,500 to £38,000.

Managed and delivered by highly-experienced HR experts, our wide range of expert-led?HR & Management training courses?are intended to help you implement positive change across your organisation.

By upskilling your managers through effective management training and ensuring best-practice approaches are adopted, you can enhance performance, prevent costly mistakes from occurring and reduce financial and reputational risk.

As part of our core HR service, you will have access to a growing range of interactive e-Learning courses covering topics such as Change Management, Communication, Leadership, Sexual Harassment and Equality & Diversity.

This convenient and cost-effective training solution allows employees to complete the courses at their own pace, in their own time, with no need for employees to take time away from the workplace and no time wasted.

If you struggle with the administration of managing, monitoring, communicating and reporting some aspects of HR, such as absenteeism, holidays and training, our easy-to-use HR Management Software makes managing employee information simple and efficient.

Use it to store employee data, manage holidays and absences, keep a record of training and qualifications, and take advantage of our cost-effective employee benefits packages.

If you’re facing a particularly difficult or sensitive issue or looking for more hands-on support during a particular HR challenge, our HR Consultancy Team offer a range of additional services, including discipline and grievance meetings, mediation, welfare/medical capability meetings, salary reviews, pay and benefits benchmarking, staffing reviews, performance management/appraisal frameworks, staff surveys and employee benefit reviews.