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      2. Brilliant Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety support for UK Employers

        Radically different fixed-fee support
        We offer high-quality advice from real experts. A trustworthy extension to your team.

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        Proud to support over 17,500?employers across a range of sectors

        Employment Law

        Ensure legal compliance, raise your standards, avoid Employment Tribunals and achieve your organisation's objectives with brilliant Employment Law & HR Services from EW. Get unlimited, 24/7 support for a fixed fee.

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        Health & Safety

        Reduce risk, protect employees and keep your organisation compliant while saving time and money. Our brilliant Health & Safety Services give you direct access to a qualified expert and a bespoke service package, all for a fixed fee.

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        "Ellis Whittam makes a significant contribution to ensuring that we achieve our corporate responsibilities."

        "My team chooses Ellis Whittam."

        Peter Jones
        As seen on Dragons Den

        "We have found them to be very responsive and, most importantly, everything is explained in layman’s terms!"

        "The service provided is priceless. Having this level of expertise on hand gives us peace of mind and allows us to get on with the primary task of running our business."


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        We combine the service quality?of a law firm?with the?certainty of fixed-fee services?to provide expert, solutions-focused?Employment Law,?HR?and?Health & Safety support tailored to employers. Fill in the form to receive a call from one of our advisers and to discuss how we can support your organisation.

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